We're passionate about cosmetics, well-being enthusiasts and totally committed to our community and planet.
We are anything but Ordinary.
The Cosmetic Factory has over 15 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing cosmetics, so we know how to get the best ingredients to formulate incredible products for your personal care, without compromising your budget.
We call ourselves pioneers — in product formulation, honesty culture, and affordable premium cosmetics.
The Cosmetic Factory is here to change Australia’s cosmetics scene. And here's how we're gonna do it:


Our ethos is simple: give Australians everything from tried-and-true actives and natural extracts to cutting-edge technological ingredients like neuropeptides and probiotics — all for less than the price of a lunch out!
We focus on making unique, amazing, effective and most importantly, affordable cosmetics. We are not like regular budget brands with basic cheap products, we use our expertise to formulate high end products without even breaking a sweat.
We believe that having a good personal care routine it's more than just spreading cosmetics all over your body, it's about self-care and trust. The emotional connection with the brand and its values is really important to us and we want to make sure you know we care about your safety, well-being and financial tranquillity.


Everything by The Cosmetic Factory is formulated from scratch and produced in Sydney to make sure that Australians have unique, effective and fairly-priced cosmetics quickly delivered at their doorstep.
That’s why we have over hundreds of products to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re spending hot summer nights at Darwin’s Mindil markets or walking across Tasmania’s snowy peaks, we’ve got something for you!


It's a long and rocky road towards preserving and rescuing our beautiful planet so we keep reminding ourselves every day that we ALL have a responsibility to all species and the environment.
In a world where cheap often means disposable, The Cosmetic Factory is making a stand for sustainable affordability with responsible, eco-friendly practices.
And because what's in the bottle that counts, we’ve done away with excessive packaging. We are 100% box-free and we only use recyclable packaging, no single use plastics
We look for ECOCERT-certified manufacturers to make sure that we support environmental-friendly and socially conscious businesses. And we also refuse to test any of our products on animals! Everything we do is cruelty-free.


The Cosmetic Factory will never compromise on quality. We make the most of advanced technology to combine natural ingredients with high performance actives in our formulations to maximize its effectiveness on your skin.
Each and every one of our formulations are based on our belief that beauty should be as effective as it is alluring. So we make sure our products are safe, effective, and sensorial – it feels good on your skin and eases your mind.