Want great skincare and haircare on your doorstep every month?

The Cosmetic Factory's subscription plans mean that you can experience great new products as soon as they drop.

Our monthly exclusive product is limited edition and available to Off The Bench subscribers only. We keep our pulse on the trends and get the product off the bench so that you can be the first to try it.

If you want one-on-one advice, subscribe to our Ask R&D plan to chat to a cosmetic chemist about your skin and hair needs. Our chemists will help you pinpoint your issues and advise you on the best solutions.

And for the ultimate in personalisation, subscribe to Lab Access. You'll get a consultation with a cosmetic chemist to personalise one product, from a 30ml serum to a 200ml cleanser. It's all up to you and your skin. With Lab Access, we're your Cosmetic Factory.

Choose one, or choose all three. Unlike a gym membership plan, our plans are flexible and made to suit you.