Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Ever walked past a flower garden or an orchard and thought that it'd be nice to have access to that scent all the time?

Essential oils are a perfect way to add a little fragrance to your cosmetic products. Some essential oils also have beneficial properties for skin and hair.

You'll find pure, high quality essential oils here at The Cosmetic Factory. The range includes essential oils perfect for regulating the skin's oil production, calming and preventing breakouts, moisturising dry skin and treating the appearance of fine lines. 

Essential oils can also stimulate hair growth, hydrate the hair and promote thicker, healthier follicles.

If haircare and skincare aren't your thing, you can enjoy hours of relaxation by using our essential oils for aromatherapy.

The Cosmetic Factory's essential oils are available for individual purchase and in bulk. For bigger quantities, please contact us.

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