Regulatory Affairs

There was a time when people could literally make cosmetic in their kitchen and great products came out of that, but thanks to very talented Professionals, nowadays the Beauty Industry is seen as very serious Industry where one little mistake can impact on people’s health and safety.

For this reason, several Standards were created to ensure that Companies and Scientists are up to looking after something so special, your safety.

We know that most people see Regulatory Affairs as “a bunch of processes to follow (or delay our schedule)” and we cannot blame them for having these thoughts. But take a step back and think of how many things could have happened if wasn’t for those requirements?

For us Regulatory Affairs is not a compulsory bunch of rules, it is a set of valuable advices that work with us guaranteeing we are not only in compliance with Regulatory Requirements, but also, we can relax at the end of the day knowing that we chose to do the right thing.