Collagen Peptide Drinks

Collagen Peptide Drinks

Collagen is used by the body to maintain skin and hair, and brands are charging obscene prices for collagen drinks, promising that their product will help your body produce more collagen.

The science is sound, but the price really isn't.

When we take collagen drinks, the enzymes in our digestive system break down the collagen into smaller pieces for the body to use. 

Collagen itself isn't expensive to manufacture. It's in gelatin, the stuff that makes jelly, marshmallows and other gummy sweets.

In collagen drinks, collagen is hydrolyzed, broken down into smaller sizes for easier consumption.

The Cosmetic Factory's collagen peptide drinks are affordable alternatives to expensive health brands. Our collagen drinks are just as effective, with the same high quality ingredients as other flashy brands. We just cut costs on packaging. As you know, it's what's inside that counts.

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