Let’s stop acting like buying cheap cosmetics is a bad thing, okay?

Let’s stop acting like buying cheap cosmetics is a bad thing, okay?

#treatyourself. #skincareisaninvestment.

We get it, Instagrammers, you’re super #blessed and #energised after your 6am yoga class and green smoothie and you get enough followers to pay for your #luxuryskincare.

(And yeah, we’re a little jealous of how ‘grammable your life is.) But don’t go around telling us that our budget choices mean we value our skin less. Please stop posting things like this:

Try saying ‘the overpriced marketing that went into that bottle is not worth my hard-earned money’.

Skin is totally worth the investment. Prevention is easier and cheaper than correcting preventable damage. And looking good is a confidence booster that’s really hard to buy.

But you don’t need to spend $50+ for a fancy moisturiser in a gold-lettered bottle to have nice skin, even though that’s what the $5000 marketing campaign tells you. (Yep, $5000 just to convince people to buy a product — and $5000 is on the cheap side!)

All you need for nice skin is a skincare routine that works for you. If that $50 moisturiser works for you, it’ll work just as well outside of its fancy gold bottle.

And that’s what The Cosmetic Factory products are. The same high-quality, lab-tested cosmetics we formulate for other high-end companies without the fuss and expense that comes with shiny packaging and celebrity marketing. We pour all our money into the formula in the bottle, so that you look great without spending the money.

So, more power to you, Instagrammers who spend big bucks on moisturiser and shampoo with your name embossed on the bottle. The rest of us will be over here with our 6am sleep-in and affordable skincare and haircare. Because sleeping in and saving money is the best treat.

1st Sep 2019 The Cosmetic Factory Team

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