How to actually wash your face

How to actually wash your face

Kylie Jenner teased her walnut scrub this month and we were not impressed... and now she's Tweeted her skincare routine and the Twitterverse has a lot of things to say about her face washing technique. Here's the way to properly wash your face and make sure that you're getting the best out of your routine.

Kylie Jenner's 35 second video of her washing her face has over 2000 comments and most of them are not impressed. 


In the video, Kylie massages her Kylie Skin foaming cleanser onto her skin for 5 seconds and rinses.


Double eep: when she pats her face dry, the towel comes away with foundation stains.

So here's how to really do it:

1. Use the right products for makeup removal and for cleansing.   

Foaming cleanser is not good at taking your makeup off, full stop. If you want to properly remove your makeup, you need something that can dissolve the oils and creams used to bind the colour pigments to the base: something like a liquid makeup remover, a micellar water, or a cream cleanser.

Follow with a cleanser that suits your skin type. This is known as double cleansing, and it's the best way to make sure your skin is clean and free of grime. Your first cleanse removes makeup and the first layers of dirt and environmental pollution, and your second cleanse actually cleans the skin.

2. Give your products time to work!

Leave your makeup remover on for 30-60 seconds to let the formula eliminate excess oil, dissolve or loosen grime or makeup, and get your skin clean. 

3. Don't tug at your facial skin during cleansing.

Use your hands or a soft facial brush to gently massage the cleanser in small circles. Tugging at your skin will cause your skin to stretch out over time — it's a lot more delicate than it feels!

4. Spend some time on your problem areas.
Don't do what Kylie did and just smooth some cleanser over your face. Pay attention to the problem areas where you tend to break out or get congestion, as these require a little extra care. The hairline can also get sebum or makeup buildup, so don't forget to pull your hair back!
5. Don't spend the majority of your skincare budget on cleansers.

Cleansers spend no more than a minute on your face before you rinse, so don't wash your wallet down with them.

A good cleanser will have good ingredients for your skin, but not in the concentrations that will make a huge difference.

So Kylie's Foaming Face Wash isn't much different to any other foaming cleanser out there, and they're trying to justify the US$24 price — over $30 Australian dollars — by saying it has vitamin-rich kiwi seed oil.

If you really want a vitamin boost, you can mix and match The Cosmetic Factory vitamin serums for your own personalised system. Serums start at $9, so you could even splurge on one of each for about the price of anything from Kylie Skin.

31st May 2019 The Cosmetic Factory Team

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