Gradual tans don't have to give you an instant negative bank balance.

Gradual tans don't have to give you an instant negative bank balance.

With winter is firmly behind us, we’re starting to think about glowing tans and hot summer nights. Hot summer nights are free, but sun-safe glowing tans… not so much.

We’d rather spend our hard-earned money on summer cocktails than a sunless tan at the salon, but when we looked at the shelves for at-home tanning solutions, we found that they were either (a) cheap and orange or (b) crazy expensive.

So we got the best minds at The Cosmetic Factory to formulate a self-tan for the face that wouldn’t break the budget and wouldn’t make us look like Oompa Loompa extras.

The Cosmetic Factory chemists came up with our Self Tanning Face Cream. And we love it.

It hydrates without feeling greasy but, more importantly, gives a controllable and gradual buildup of colour that develops over time.

Think cult James Read Tan Express Glow Face Mask, but at a quarter of the price. We’re not even exaggerating — James Read wants $49 for their hydrating facial tanner, which does two things: 1) leave a light glow or deeper tan depending on how long you leave it2) hydrate your skin

Guess what? Our Self Tanning Face Cream does exactly the same thing.

We added antioxidant rich argan oil and creamy shea butter so that your skin will look extra soft and extra glowy. And the best bit? It only costs $12.

So if you have $50 to spend on your tanning solutions this summer, why spend it on one product? Grab The Cosmetic Factory Self Tanning Face Cream plus a self-tanner for the body so you’re golden all over, and walk away with change to spare.

2nd Sep 2019 The Cosmetic Factory Team

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