About Us


You know our work, though you haven't met us.

The Cosmetic Factory sources high-quality ingredients from worldwide suppliers and manufactures great cosmetics for great brands that you know.

But now it's time for us to expand our operations.

We're coming out from behind-the-scenes to work with you directly.


We've put you on our client list.  

The Cosmetic Factory puts active, effective ingredients in cosmetically elegant solutions.

We’ve made basic essentials and fun new products to our factory line to bottle, label and send straight to you.


Build your skincare wardrobe.

Tailor your own skincare routine with the ingredients that you know work for you, in formulas that we know make the ingredients shine.

Each bottle contains one hero ingredient so you can pick and choose products based on your skin’s responses.


No boxes. No frills. No waste

We deliver what’s on the bottle. Nothing more, nothing less.

To cut down on waste, we’ve cut out the boxes. Your ingredient lists will come printed on your invoice, for you to keep or recycle as you need.